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Site Directory Campsites Europe & Morocco - Edition 2015

The essential Directory for low season camping in Europe and Morocco (+ free paper road map).

The campsites of this Directory have been selected and inspected by Camping Cheque.

Guide Alan Rogers 2015
The Camping Cheque Site Directory Europe & Morocco edition 2015 presents a selection of 660 premium campsites in 24 countries that will welcome you in low season, against the discount rate of £14.95 per night.
  • Colour directory, without ads, 720 pages
  • Classification of campsites per country
  • Detailed presentation of each campsite on a full page, with descriptions and photos 
  • Opening dates of the campsite and Camping Cheque acceptance dates 
  • Details of the facilities and activities on site (with information about possible costs); acceptance of pets
  • Tourist information in the area of each campsite
  • Exclusive offers and free nights for Camping Cheque customers
  • GPS coordinates
  • Colour road map (88cm x 61.5cm) included in the Directory, with a zoom on France
  • Price: £6
  • Bonus: Free Camping Cheque Application for Smartphone (Apple Store / Android). Can be used offline
Important! You don’t need to buy the Site Directory to download the Camping Cheque application for smartphone. The choice is up to you!

If you wish to order a Directory it will cost just £6 (incl P&P). A copy with the Silver Card will cost £9.50 and can be ordered on-line today. Simply click here or call 01342 336621 and quote your credit card number over the phone to pay the charge.

If you order Cheques from us you qualify for a half-price Directory (just £3). Order your Camping Cheques and Directory now.

Please note: If you are a Gold Card holder or if you have bought Camping Cheques from us in the last 12 months you do not need to order a Directory but will receive one in the post in early January.

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