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The 2014 Naturist Holidays World Guide

More than 800 freedom destinations let you discover the world in a new way!

The most complete guide to date; designed to inform naturists of all the leisure and holiday options available. But also to invite and convince all those who are intrigued by the experience. Seaside, lake, river, forest, mountain, country…, there are many ways to live with naturism all around the world; and always in that unique natural environment. From wilderness camping in full nature to the more modern resort environment, from small intimate spaces to large holiday centre, anything is possible!


- A unique and comprehensive source of information,

- An inventory of naturist destinations where you can vacation for a day, a weekend, or several weeks. And for some of them, the option to stay off-season at an exclusive price! A smart option to consider.

- A virtual holiday passport with discounts and special offers exclusively for the guide owners (discounts, free nights, restaurant deals, gifts on arrival, spa offers, etc…)

A guide recognized and endorsed by the International Naturist Federation

Naturism in Europe

Naturism is “a way of living in harmony with nature, concretized by nudity in common, in order to favour the respect of oneself, others and the environment. This is the official definition.

Germany: talking about naturism is less anecdotic than elsewhere. This phenomenon, typical of the country, stands on the mythic conception of nature. 8 to 12 millions of people use naturist places that mean 10 to 15% of the total population.
The Netherlands and Belgium: incredible sources of clients and prospects. Naturism is well implemented in the culture. The Netherlands are close to the German percentage (1,9 million of users).
In France: according to an IFOP study of 1993, the total amount of naturists, regular or occasional, will reach the 5,5 millions. Nevertheless, such values prove that naturism is not a marginal social practice. First country in the world for practicing and welcoming naturism (156 sites), France is rich in the diversity of its destinations and keeps a positive image with many clients. Considered as leisure, naturism can be lived in all its forms. The attractiveness of France for foreigners is issued from studies leaded by Atout France offices in Belgium, in Germany, in the Netherlands and in Spain. Tourists from Benelux and Germany represent more than 70% of foreign clients on French sites (control of English, Italian, Swiss and Spanish people).
Italy: attractive destination, it proposes naturism of quality. Italians, open to naturism, are numerous and they do not hesitate to go to the discovery of other places.
Luxemburg: a limited offer but of quality. People from Luxemburg are present on all destinations.

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